Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thy world can accept a challenge,
Put me wrong.
World that can defeat me in a war,
World that can beat me in a talk,
World that can make me a failure.
That world ne’er been created and
Naught for future to come.
I stand tall, I will ever.
Falling leaves will never make me unhappy.
Ill look for the sun.
World will see my shadow,
Ill walk ahead and reach the sun.
I won’t see my shadow behind me.
World will not defeat me ever.
Thy world can accept challenge,
Put me wrong. Put me wrong.


  1. the world has accepted defeat:
    it cant defeat you in a war...u are just too strong
    it cant beat you in talk... u are just too loud
    it cant make you a failure.. u are just too good to make a fault

  2. Aye!!!Welcome to the world of blogging :)
    Loved your blog template and about the post- it is just too good-it's positive and it's just so like YOU!

  3. nice background for sure ....
    and touch ups are really good ......Ms potter ,

    but did i just hear from one one that someone was to really busy with work :-)