Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Magpie Journey Begins

I open my eyes I see not a scene in position.
I look back in mirror I see tatterdemalion dreams, hopes and aspirations.
I close my eyes I see days ahead fulfilling those dreams unrealized and unceasing  jubilation.

written for mag 37

Friday, October 1, 2010


I am waiting for you my dear love. My sweet innocent love.
What happened to you? Where did you go? When will you come back? Please don’t fiddle with my heart
I don’t want to tamper in your affairs but I didn’t see you in assembly I didn’t see you in class. I didn’t see you in playground either. I waited yesterday for you till night engulfed the whole world. Till the time even sun refused to come out of its hiding hole. I waited and I am waiting and I will wait for you.
The grim night is imminent and ineluctable …..the moon the stars have lost hope, not even managed to shine today  but I won’t give up….i will wait by this sidewalk , I will go round and around this same park,I will wear the same frock u last saw me in. I lived my life here  now I  will give my life here till the time you come back.

Written for 3WW and Thursday tales