Friday, October 1, 2010


I am waiting for you my dear love. My sweet innocent love.
What happened to you? Where did you go? When will you come back? Please don’t fiddle with my heart
I don’t want to tamper in your affairs but I didn’t see you in assembly I didn’t see you in class. I didn’t see you in playground either. I waited yesterday for you till night engulfed the whole world. Till the time even sun refused to come out of its hiding hole. I waited and I am waiting and I will wait for you.
The grim night is imminent and ineluctable …..the moon the stars have lost hope, not even managed to shine today  but I won’t give up….i will wait by this sidewalk , I will go round and around this same park,I will wear the same frock u last saw me in. I lived my life here  now I  will give my life here till the time you come back.

Written for 3WW and Thursday tales


  1. Poignant! Beautifully woven into words!
    Good work girl-keep it up! :)

  2. I love how the character is expectant and hopeful while she waits. This is a beautiful tale. Nicely written.

  3. what a perfect foto to reflect the spirit of your poem... bold belongings

  4. HAHAHAHA.....
    yarrr jo bhi likha hai mast hai!!!!

  5. i think hope is the only thing a person has when all is lost....

  6. Awesome use of the prompt .. specially in the image you paint with "going round and round in the same frock" ... Good one :)

    My tale is here

  7. Beautifully written and so poignant.

  8. Great work! I love the last line, it is so beautiful.