Thursday, October 27, 2011


In world outside I am honored,
But in my heart am coward.
I am not afraid of ghost,
I do not fear of being fired from post.
I do not fear dark.
But I fear of fear.
I detest darkness,
I fear that one day ill peep
Into a crater that will be too deep.
Ill be pushed in for the sins I have done,
And remain there till I die.
Oracular cruel death.
Still ill remain in dark,
While sun goes bright and light.
Ill die for light, as dark has this mark,
“Evil will come as good men die here”


  1. Hello.
    WoW! Powerful & profound expressions.

    Nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Beautiful Winds Of India

  2. invite you to submit a piece of your poetry to poets rally week 55 today.

    bless you, I loved what I read here,

    hope to see you in.

  3. Soul searching and honest - I take my hat off to you

  4. There is something in this that I really relate to. In my case I think the fear is loneliness more than fear itself, but nonetheless very relatable. Well done!

    PS. You're not making it easy to comment since you only accept Google accounts... If one, like me, is not on Blogger it gets slightly difficult.